After the show

Time moves so fast: more than a month has gone by since the opening night of A Mother’s Art Marathon show at Masterpiece on April 30th and my presentation at the Motherhood conference on May 6th.  

The show at Masterpiece was the first time 12 paintings from the 182 Art Marathon collection pieces have seen life since I created them almost 15 years ago.  The preparation for the show and for the conference turned out to be a lot more work than I initially imagined.  One aspect of the process I enjoyed the most was the fact that all my boys participated in various ways: Igor, Benjamin and my dear Dad Khema.  And of course, so many of our dear friends have helped in so many areas.  I feel so very grateful to them all for being part of this process.  

I also spoke at the Motherhood conference sponsored by the Museum of Motherhood on May 6th.   I felt very nervous, but it all went well.  I think I should do public speaking more often. The conference itself was a very interesting and educational experience.  The goal of the conference is to develop interdisciplinary approaches to Mother Studies and encourage information exchanges between thought-pioneers, activists, artists, academics, students on the subject of Motherhood, Fatherhood, and Family Life.  The topic of the 2016 conference was: Theorizing Motherhood in the Academy. I felt a little out of place when listing my credentials: everybody else prior to my presentation started with: I am a professor/assistant professor from such and such university and my study was… In my case, I am not a professor of any university and I am not affiliated with any university.  However, I did do a study: the subject of my research is me in my new role of mother.

The Motherhood museum has just moved to St. Petersburg, Florida.  The focus of the museum is to explore and understand American mothers, fathers, and families:

I was thinking that I would take some time off after the show and the presentation, but it looks like I am back into the next round.  I know that it is too early to share my next project with the world, but once it is in place, I look forward to sharing it with you all.